Small black bump on new hen's beak

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    I adopted two hens this week whose people wanted a break from chicken-raising. They both looked healthy to me and their set up was very nice and near where I live. However, just today I noticed that one of the hens (Marsha) has a little black bump on her beak, next to her nostril. It is hard to the touch and does not appear infected. They are separated from my current flock of 6, but not quarantined. I tried a meeting on Day 2 and there was a bit of a scuffle where each newbie appeared to jump one of their hosts, and they have been separated since, but can't view each other and interact. I noticed that Marsha had a small cut on her comb after that and also noticed the bump at the same time, but looking at pictures from Day 1, I think the bump was probably already there. Any thoughts? I did a search on this forum and I didn't see anything that had me very worried, but I thought I'd ask. She seems healthy and is a lovely bird. I was able to hold her and put some antibiotic ointment on the cut and the bump, but not sure that helps anything.


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    Try cleaning it to see what is under there. I had one girl freak me out with a large black bump covering her nostril and when I cleaned it up it turned out to be dried dirt from her dust bath, must have been wet first.
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