Sneezing 5 week old banty


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Aug 26, 2015
Hopland, Ca
So I have a 5 week old old English silver duck wing Banty and he's very healthy other than when I take him outside. His behavior is normal and rambunctious for a baby and he still wants to play, but he sneezes so much with a little runny nose. It's clear liquid and it almost seems like he has allergies, is this anything to be worried about?


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Dec 11, 2009
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Yes, it could be of concern. While chickens do react to irritants by sneezing, there usually isn't a discharge from the eyes or nares. It's not wise to chalk it up to a simple "allergy". It could be a symptom of a respiratory infection.

Some of these infections stem from viral infection while others are simple bacterial infections. It might be wise to isolate this chick from the others, treat it with Tylan 50, while keeping a close eye on the rest of the chicks for symptoms.

The sooner you treat these respiratory infections, the better the outcome. Treat the chick until all symptoms are gone, then you can return it to the rest of its mates.

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