Sneezing and runny/bubbly eyes...can anyone suggest best action?

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    Nov 1, 2008
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    I have read all through this forum looking for answers about what is wrong with my chickens. I find many, many suggestions, but I just don't know what is the BEST to do...I would like to hear from someone with lots of experience with chickens. Please tell me what you have done or would do if this happened to one of your beloved birds. ...the other day I noticed my Barred Rock, May, sneezing...well, I wasn't concerned immediately, I just made a mental note for future reference in case I noticed it again. Well, it happened again. Then a few more started sneezing occasionally...perhaps every 10-15 minutes apart(during the time I was out there), or longer on several occasions. I spend a lot of time with my chickens, observing, being entertained, waiting for eggs to be laid (so they won't freeze). Then my Ameraucana, Maggie, just this morning, I noticed had bubbles in both of her eyes...I caught her and wiped it gently to see if more came and they did...I am scared beyond belief that something is seriously wrong with her. Please note that this whole time so far, neither has acted any differently, they are still eating, drinking and socializing normally. I have read so many posts with all different kinds of things that people think one should do...I just don't know which to do. Oh, and May has been doing this yawning thing every now and then. I read about Gape worms and picked her up to check in her mouth, well, this didn't work(I couldn't see anything), but I did hear her breathing up close and there is a faint rattling. Maggie had no rattling when I cleaned her eyes. SOOOOOO, please help! What is the absolute best course of action?? I can't try everything I read about...I do like the DE idea...I am as organic as possible and really don't like worm meds or antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I have 13 total chickens and would hate to lose even one, let alone the whole flock. HELP!!!!!!!!!
    Should I worry about eating the eggs?? Thank you for reading this - Kim
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    I had a similar situation with my flock this year, I think it had to do with how cold it has been lately. Mine had the same symptoms as yours bubbly eyes and rattling along with sneezing. I treated mine with sulmet for 6 days, withdrawl period for eggs is 2 weeks but i'd wait 3 just to be safe. Dosage is on the back of the bottle i believe it was 2 TBSP per gallon of water for the first 2 days and if they are not showing signs of improvement by then continue treatment for an additional 4 days at half the strength i think but i kept them on it for 6 days at full strength. Hope your chickens pull thru [​IMG]
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    Nov 12, 2008
    LS-200 injected at 1/2cc once a day for 5 days. To inject, raise the skin on the neck and inject between the skin and neck. Keep them in a draft free, dry environment for a few days. I have rabbit cages in the barn that I fill with hay to keep them warm and dry. Make sure to keep water available and feed them good. Vitamins and electrolites in the water will help along with the injections.

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