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    Aug 4, 2013
    Nottingham, UK
    I've had my girls now about 3 weeks and from the start one of the girls has been sneezing. A few days later the other started sneezing and I noticed mucus and dioreah. I took them straight to the vets where they were given tylan injections. The smaller no longer sneezes and the diarreah in both has now gone. The larger of the 2 is still sneezing rarely with no other symptoms. Are there any common allergies I should be aware of? Or is this in fact not a sneeze or another chicken noise I should be aware of. I am using straw for the nest box and dust extracted saw dust for inside the coop and I am clearing their mess out every morning. I gave her colloidal silver last night and have seen no results. She is eating and behaving normally. Both have not yet laid but have been told to expect that in at least 2 more weeks. I would welcome your thoughts.

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