So Cal - Niederrheiner Pair - 3 mos old - Gorgeous!


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Oct 28, 2015
This beautiful pair of Niederrheiners were hatched on September 24th from Brinkhaven eggs. They are large, sturdy, friendly birds and can be picked up and handled easily. Chicks are different at birth, and within a few days of hatch you can tell which are males and which are females. The hens lay a large, cream colored egg.

They have not been vaccinated.

They have been fed Scratch and Peck no corn/no soy/no gmo feed. They have access to lots of greens, lots of bugs, and the best of the kitchen scraps.

I cannot have a rooster (noise issue with neighbor) and I really feel that this unusual breed is more useful to someone as a breeding pair, so this is your opportunity!

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