Soda Pop bottle waterer


13 Years
Jan 24, 2009
Saint James/ Comfrey MN
I keep getting PM's about where I bought my soda pop waterers for my quail so I thought I would make a post so that people could search for the answer.

They are available from alot of chicken supply places but the cheapest I found was from

seem to work real good. I really don't know what else I would have used on my sloped bottom floor cages.
Yep, $0.83 each plus shipping from GDS
they look cool i think ill try some when i move my birds into my laying cages...right now they are in a big flight pen and i have a big 5 gallon waterer in there ........i dont have to fill that very often at all.
When I get some extra cash, I'm gonna order a ton to sell at the auction. I took one with yesterday to give my baby chicks water, and everyone was asking my dad where he got them....Good thing he doesn't know!!
The pop bottle waterers do work good for me also and they are even easier to use if you make a handle for the spring.
See this thread which for some reason ended up in the turkey section.
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