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  1. pipermark

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    Jan 26, 2007
    I am handling them both so they will be very people friendly. They are not registered.

    Born 03/07/2009

    Born 03/23/2009
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    Jan 26, 2007
    A mini-lamancha is a cross between a Nigerian and a La mancha, sometimes the babies will have the correct cropped ears, sometimes not. The reason for the cross is to create a miniature Dairy Goat. La mancha's are an excepted standard size dairy breed. Nigerians are not really considered a Dairy breed, because of limited production, however there milk in general has the highest fat content , which usually translate to best flavor.

    Thus the choice for the cross.

    I have both the Buck and the does. I purchased them from a farmer in Denard Ar. That has a really good reputation.

    The little brown and white one, both mom and dad have the La -mancha ears.

    The mostly white one, Mom has the Nigerian ears, dad has the la-mancha ears.
    Thats the mom of the little brown and white one born this week.
  4. D Bar J Acres

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    Apr 22, 2007
    Mini manchas can crop up with ears of their nigerian ancestors. I had one doe with quads this year, both her and the sire had lamancha ears - one "gopher" and one "elf" - I had two kids with ears and two without. It happens. She's being honest like I was on selling mine - she'd get more money if she said they were grade nigerians, but like mine will, they will get bigger than a nigerian.

    Nigerians are recognized as dairy goats tho, as the American Dairy Goat Association has recognized them for a few years now, right along with their "big cousins". You'd just be silly to use them on a commercial dairy, hehe.


    p.s. your doe has a beautiful face!
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    Jan 26, 2007
    thanks Jenny , I didn't realize they were now recognized. I am pretty new to this. I was wondering about it because I am in the middle of purchasing a small herd and the person said that 2 of hers were registered with the NDGA.

    I just received the email with registration information today [​IMG] I intend to try and build a small minature milk herd for myself from the mini-lamanchas, I will also be getting an un-registered (she has pygmy in her, several generations back) nigerian with the registered ones I am going to pick up, so I think she will move in with Hemi (the La mancha (mini) buck.
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