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    Jun 29, 2010
    Jasper Co., S.C.
    Quote:I would be excited about that too!! I would love to sell some of my 8 white silkies roos!! Congrates!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Hi!
    Cocci... I use starter medicated with Amprol for all my chicks/ducklings and it is still necessary certain times of the year to put chicks on Sulmet. I was under the delusion that the starter with Amprol would prevent Cocci altogether, but I read that that isn't effective until they are older.
    That bit of rain we had, and within a day I could see symptoms, so I started all the chicks under 6-wks on a round of Sulmet.
    Mealworms... Ants got in my mealworm bins and I scrapped them.
    Soldierflies... Before the ants found them, I was 'harvesting' a couple hundred larvae a day from my bins. Like with the mealworms, I got tired of fighting the ants.
    I like Soldierflies better, because they are not so 'specialized'.
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    Quote:Amy - what kind of flashlight do you use? I have one that works great for all eggs except marans. Still haven't found anything that lets me see inside those dark eggs.

    I bought the highest lumen, smallest diameter flashlight I could find at academy sports and it works great for me. Marans are harder to candle but once u get the hang of it, it's much easier. With marans I Cant tell progress with development, but can tell clear vs. Developed eggs.

    Yep, that's what I can do too. But I want to be able to see more. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I love this, it is beautiful! But am I the only one wondering why the heck you're doing Geometry in Elem Ed classes? Just wondering [​IMG]

    We cover up to 6th grade [​IMG] I'm hoping to have babies though...nothing over I wont really have to deal with geometry. I mean we did start out with the basics though. This is a square, this is a triangle, etc etc. I think our professor told us that by the time they leave k5 they're expected to be calling a circle a sphere.

    Unless I've missed something, Geometry is still taught in high school - yes?
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    Quote:Selling 4 roos is certainly something to brag about! Heck, I'd be bragging if I could even GIVE 4 roos away. [​IMG]
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    Aug 7, 2011
    Quote:I got my 5000 mealworms in April, they started pupating about 2 weeks later and ten days to 2 weeks after that I had beetles. I did not see mealie babies for quite a while because they are so tiny at hatch so it was another month to 6 weeks before I saw any. Now, they are taking over my den! I have 4 large plastic tubs/bins full of them. I really have got to start putting them in the fridge so I can keep cycling through for feed all winter.

    I have been buying 50# bags of apples and feeding the chickens for the past 2 weeks. Man, they sure love those fresh foods. And you can't beat $5 a bag for extra food, especially in the breeding pens.
    I cut corners where I can and mealies and apples are a huge help. Not to mention, the mealies love apples, too!

    Congrats to my fellow South Carolinians who got mealies today! [​IMG] I am so happy to have friends with the same interests!

    I am right next to Paris Mtn State Park, not that far.

    Where do you find huge bags of apples for $5? I need to get some of those
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    Quote:I had an ant problem beginning in my meal worms. I sprinkled a heavy layer of DE on the shelf and the ants stay away.
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    Quote:Wonderful. Next time I am heading that way, I will let you know. Thanks

    Mary, you know you are welcome anytime! My DD's bathroom and my walk in closet have no windows so they are perfect for candling!
    I let some folks over on the swap thread know about you and your great honey. they were asking about honey. I suppose I may have to offer up one of my special well loved jars to prove how fabulous it is to them! If you get orders from it I may ask for a jar for free! [​IMG]

    And Debra said she loves your creamed honey, as well. I shared a jar with her and have given a jar or two to Kimberly, too. I think the creamed honey is fabulous! Almost.....almost.... makes me want to get my own bees. But I will leave that to you![​IMG]

    Yepp you sent a jar of creamed home with me. And I bought a jar of just honey at Lincolnton. IT IS ALL MINEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Matter of fact, I may have biscuits & honey for breakfast [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I know I asked this before..mealworms. Is that an expensive project? I think our chicks need some fresh protein during the winter. I am just not sure where to start on the mealworm thing. Somebody posted a link one time about them.

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