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    Quote:You did have quite a day! Glad you got another baby and I hope it does as well as the others. I am going to be processing the roosters tomorrow. That is the plan anyway. Going to try and take pictures to put on the chicken blog. Already, my 14 year old son is trying to get out of helping, but I told him if he don't help clean them he don't get to eat them either- and I have planned to have chicken every night next week [​IMG]

    Thank you, I can only hope too!! Good luck on the rooster processing!! That is a lot of work--it is funny I can imagine the smell just by thinking about it--part I probably dislike the most!! [​IMG]
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    going to bed early tonight .. we're going to the 4-h show its at *am.. ahhh so early to rise..

    hope to see some of yall there .. gonna support the kids..

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    Quote:OK, I need to know more about this

    really something made of Kudzu ? cool yea send the recipe
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    Quote:Your going to enjoy the peacock. we did for years.. I m gonna try to get a pair for mom for xmas..
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    Quote:Hope I see you there...I am sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well, amazingly enough I still have the 2 keets running around with their parents![​IMG]
    Guinea girl has been roosting back up in the trees at night for the past 4 nights (you all weren't kidding that the mamas were not very good!) but my precious Guinea boy has been sleeping in the brush pile huddled with his kids. I just love him more every day! He was a blessing sent and I have been overjoyed with what he has shown me about Guineas. [​IMG]
    Guinea girl is rather aloof but is great to forage off the land so I think she has shown Guinea boy where the best meals can be found in the grass and woods, though he excuses himself from the family and races for the chow line every evening. Last night he brought the babies up for a late snack before going off into the brush pile. [​IMG]

    He still flirts when he can with the Guineas in the trampoline pen but is very busy having his family to care for. I was going to let the 4 young Pearls out with him during the day but I think I will wait now since he has babies he is caring for.

    Which reminds me! Guinea boy is VERY protective of his family!
    Yesterday morning as I was putting out the little ducklings and some Cochin chicks, Jolie saw me and came trotting up from the woods to get her morning petting. The Guinea family was in the clearing between us but Jolie saw them and thought she gave them a wide berth. Guinea boy thought the 12 feet was not enough so he flared out his wings but once Jolie was past he ran up behind her and latched onto her backside fur! How I wish I had had a video camera for that action! Jolie looked back and saw him and took off a bit faster with him hanging on and flapping his wings at her. For about 10 feet it was a hilarious sight!!! I was laughing so hard that Jolie was offended and would not let me console her. Her dignity was hurt but Guinea boy's was intact. He is a major protective hen! I would swear he was a girl but Guinea girl laid all fertile eggs so he is a he and takes his job seriously.

    I really am enjoying these Guineas. I know when there is a larger group they may not be such fun but for now I am loving these.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    One of my guineas is definitely a girl. Which means she is outnumbered! All four of mine hang out with the turkeys. The two from you (one of which is the girl) ran right up to my other guineas & have been with them ever since!

    They are not doing too good on eating the darn fire ant hills though [​IMG]
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    Aug 7, 2011
    Sad Day

    I went out to the coop this morning and found one of my older cuckoo marans lying dead on the floor. Obviously she was egg bound. First chicken I have lost.
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