Spraddle leg on older chick..can it heal? pics

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    So I got this chickie from the feed store and it is much older than the others. The guy said older but I am gonna guess maybe 2-3weeks? It is a bantam mille fleur D'uccle. The sweetest bird, but I am pretty sure it has spraddle legs and one leg is either swollen or just larger than the other..Is it too late/can it be fixed?

    I tried taping it but too close under it and it topples over ( looked up all the threads) and since it has feathered legs etc..more difficult. So it currently is taped but about 2-2 1/2 inches apart-still a little wide but it is happier.

    one leg is way skinnier and the other one has a bigger joint( I think this is the bad leg)



    With all the other bantams- he is the larger Mille Fleur
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    Jun 30, 2008
    What does this mean? Can she walk? Maybe this is what is wrong with my JG that all of a sudden can't walk at 2 mo old?? I have no idea what is wrong with her and it's breaking my heart!!
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    not an expert on this situation..but it might be a good idea to make a sling..some people use a face mask..whatever you can use to fashion one..
    make sure the vent is clear, and the chick can peck at food and water..
    this is to rest the leg..

    here is a site that might help you:


    DCT is pretty good with these types of problems
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    Thank you so much for this link. I tried to do a search on here for Spraddle leg but not too much info came up, so this really helped. Unfortunately I am not sure if this guy being older is really gonna do much for him.??
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    there was another person on here with the same thing, one leg swollen. i am currently treating a chick with slipped tendons and have read that if they have a slipped tendon that is left untreated they will sit on their hock joint causing the swelling. if you bend the swollen leg the way a chick normally would, does it look flat on the back? try the site sammi suggested, post the question and he may know if treatment is possible. i think that the slipped tendon could also lead to spraddle leg, dealing with that part of it now. good luck.

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