Standard Buff Cochin roo to a good home- Savannah GA


10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Coastal Georgia

Here's a bit of an older picture of my beautiful Banty (I thought he was a Bantam when he was a few days old but he's a standard- the name stuck though). He was our "exotic chick" from McMurray.

He is absolutely the sweetest roo and I would keep him if I could but we're already keeping two breeding roos and I just can't bring myself to butcher him. He's just over 6 months old. He just found his voice this week and sounds like a mourning dove when he crows. Embarrassing around his roo buddies but easy on the ears. He is very docile and gets along with the hens. He's working on the mating thing but appears to ask their permission first and he's so gentle.

I'd love to see my Banty have a wonderful life with other chicken friends. If you are anywhere near Savannah and are interested, let me know.
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