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Aug 29, 2011
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I have 5 one year old plymouth rock hens. For the last few days I've noticed they spend all day in the coup! It has been particularly nice weather, so I'm baffled. When I go into the run so see what their deal is they come out to greet me (wondering why I didn't bring a treat, I'm sure!). I see them come out a few times to get a drink or eat a bit, but mostly all 5 of them are in the coup all day. It's not a huge coup or anything, but it's big enough for a nesting box and for all 5 of the to roost. I really don't see why it would be so appealing to them lol. They are definitely going through a molt though. Could that have anything to do with it? I looked all in the run and the coup to see if there was anything that could cause this behavior, but I didn't see anything.
Hi! I am interested in this as well. I have a flock of 11, 9 hens, 2 roos (1 will be in the pot soon-ish). They have a 6x9 coop and a 50x50 run. Lately my 3 1/2 year old EE has been staying inside. She moulted over the summer and is well finished by now. She doesn't seem to be broody, but isn't laying any eggs. (This is normal for her, she quits as soon as the day gets a little shorter.) There is food and water inside, but I am concerned about her. In all other ways she seems fine. Did worm them the second dose about a week ago.
How are yours doing by now? Any in site?

Molting can take a lot out of them. They can lose considerable weight while molting. When they get their feathers back in, then they have to get their body weight back up before they can lay eggs again. 3 months is not at all uncommon for them to get through the molting process.

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