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    Just to be clear, I am not partial to any one candidate. I just did this so SOME PEOPLE would know that Sunlight is a ligit candidate.
  4. "Some think we can stand up to the human race and save all commercial laying hens. I would like to think this way, but there is simply not enough chickens in one place to complete this action. There is justice, and then there is common sense."

  5. "I use correct grammar"

    Sunlight- what makes a representable bird.
    While we all adore her beautiful feathers, there are more stunning things about Sunlight. You could say for a fact she will represent us well. Sunlight commits to community service once a week, and goes to schools each month giving them box tops and inspiring words. She cares for the next generation of chickens, what flaws does she have? None. Sunlight cares for all, she does so much already, why not just let her be vice President now? She would only be able to do more for our community. She is currently managing the "chicks for a change" foundation, raising money to save young cockerels that get killed for not being pullets in egg laying factories. If you make her vice president, she guarantees your taxes will go to the right place, and do good for the world.

    Name: Sunlight
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Bearded D'uccle/Serama/OEGB cross
    Post pic here![​IMG]

    Step into the sun, follow the light,
    And vote for Sunlight!

    Scrambles N' Sunlight!

    Sunlight knows where she stands and isn't afraid to fight for YOUR rights. She is a strong advocate of breed equality and, if elected, Sunlight will aggressively work toward the abolishment of cruel discrimination. With a history of fighting hawks and disheartening a raccoon's attack with nothing but threatening squawks, Sunlight is nothing sort of having an eloquent ability with persuasive speech. Sunlight promises enforcement of commercial-layer protests and will be backing them up personally.
    If elected, Sunlight promises that there will NOT be a chicken in every pot.

    The Sun is willing to rise to any challenge for YOU and your coop.
    USERNAME: HeavensHens88

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    May 21, 2017
    Vote for Sunlight to end breed discrimination! And to end rooster discrimination!
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