Super sweet male orange tabby cat seeking permanent position as resident mouser in New Mexico barn


Mar 29, 2017
Deming, NM
I know this is a long shot with so many cats in need of homes but this guy is really special: if you or anyone you know is looking for a super sweet barn cat in southwestern New Mexico let me know!

A feral adopted me but I already have a 16 yr old indoor rescue kitty and she is not too happy about having this youngster hanging around her catio/cat porch trying to make friends with her :(

I am socializing this new little guy and he is already a love bug as well as a brilliant hunter.

He's a healthy orange and white tabby with gold eyes. My guess is he's maybe a year old and he definitely wants humans in his life. He will be neutered and have his shots next week.

I could also see this fella adapting well to being an indoor/outdoor pet if you don't have a barn. He's way more friendly and into people than my indoor cat has ever been.

If you want photos or have any questions about him just let me know and if you can, please consider giving this adorable guy a forever home, thanks!
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