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    What is the difference between the Sussex Breed and the Brahma Breed? They look very similar. Would love to know your experience with either breed and the biggest differences.
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    Apr 26, 2019
    We have 4 Sussex that jest started laying and hade brahma but she was old so I can't really speak on the breeds. But I would love to know the vs.
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    Beside having the same Pattern(Light Brahma, Light Sussex) which is Wheaten based Columbian Restricted Silver(eb/eb, Co/Co, S) they are so much different in type(Body type, Comb Type, Skin color: White vs Yellow, feather type), I just don't see any similarities between them beside their pattern
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    The Brahmas, in general, tend to be a heavier breed. Their differences include feathered legs, a pea comb, different skin color, and a slightly wider build depending on the individual bird.

    I've kept both birds- seeing no apparent difference in egg production, though, the Brahmas are more cold hardy in the winter.
    I love my Speckled Sussex hens; They are very mischievous, docile birds with a bit of a tough side. They'll fly up to my lap to sit- but do not appreciate their wings being held down (nor does any bird) due to their independence.
    My Buff Brahma hens and rooster hybrid, on the other hand, are my favorite birds. They will let you pick them up, holding them on your lap whether it be for clipping nails/spurs or just to hold. They can be very consistent egg layers in the summer... and they're beautiful birds.

    As for 'Sussex vs. Brahma" - appearance, genetics and history are the differences. Sussex is British, Brahma is American/Chinese. They're both good birds.

    IMG3618A.jpg dscn2b14039orig.JPG
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    I will have to take a closer look. I am pretty new at chickens. I am excited to get to know them better. Thank you.
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    This is wonderful info. Thank you for your insights.
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    May 19, 2009
    Sussex is eWh (Wheaten) based allele.
    Brahma is eb( Brown) based allele.
    An "allele" is the basic canvas upon which all colors and modifiers are "painted".
    Difference is in the breeding methods. In eWh, the underfluff is white to the skin. The bird does not need any color balancing to get correct top color.
    The Brahma is eb based. There is a hue to the underfluff. The underfluff needs to be correctly color balanced to achieve proper top color in the bird.
    This is why Light Sussex is such a great color to work with. The white parts should be always white with no black speckling in them, unlike the Light Brahma which can genetically have black speckling in the white parts.
    I love my Light Sussex Because I can spend more time breeding for body type and less time worrying about achieving proper top feather color. Plus my Light Sussex have clean legs and I don't need to worry about the feathers legs getting dirty or soiled as can be a problem with the Brahmas.
    There are only 3 breeds which are eWh Silver Co/Co. The Light Sussex; The Black Tailed Jap; and the Columbian Marans ( created with a Marans cross to a Light Sussex hen).
    Best Regards,
    Karen and the Light Sussex in western PA, USA
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    Most light Brahma chicks I've seen and encounter are Wheaten based, perhaps some are eb based, most hatchery type light Brahmas are wheaten based, perhaps the show quality ones are eb based but I have not seen many of them.


    Just found a thread with two light brahma chicks, one based on Wheaten and the other based on eb brown/partridge
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