Tell me what to do


7 Years
Jul 22, 2012
Lenoir City, TN
He was fine. Came out this morning to find him lethargic, and there is black on his comb. He is laying beside me on the bed right now with his eyes closed. Help! This is my FAVORITE chicken. His name is Plymouth, and he's so sweet.
How old is he? I hate to say it, but combs will turn dark purple when there are heart issues...I'm sure that's not the only thing that can make this happen, though! Have you checked for parasites? That could be another reason...
He is less than a year old. I powder them for bugs and spray them with permethrin (can't spell it). His breathing is off - like he has a cold.But no watery eyes or nose.
Any coughing or sneezing? If he is making odd breathing noises he may have come down with a respiratory disease. Often they need antibiotic's to get them through it. Antibiotic's won't cure the disease itself but it will prevent the bird from developing a secondary infection which is often what takes them out. I went through a respiratory bug with my rooster, he also showed a darker comb while he was sick. I took him to my avian vet who prescribed Baytril. We also kept him in a large dog crate at night with a heat lamp since it was Dec. and below freezing at night.

Good luck with your boy, it's hard to see them not feeling well. Do you have an avian or exotic's vet nearby that could see him?
We gave him a shot of Penicillin yesterday. That booger woke up this morning, opened his eyes and stood up. The purple is gone out of his comb. Had messages that indicated they thought it might be mold. I don't know whether to keep up treatment of Penicillin or let him go.

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