The 7th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long!

Discussion in 'Hatch-A-Longs' started by Happy Chooks, Jan 20, 2016.

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    They will keep laying for a long time too!
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    I changed bators about day 18 because the little one kept messing up not even sure what the brand was but right now it is sitting in the dumpster outside LOL I have one that I love it is just bigger and I figured with a smaller hatch I would use the small one, NEVER gonna make that mistake again stick with what works.

    My 1 little pip is starting to unzip and thank god I have 2 x2day old babies for her to chill with. I think she is gonna be fine.
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    Let them warm up to room temperature before setting them.

    Fertility also goes down when males are molting.

    Around Day 7.

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    Sorry @Sally Sunshine and everyone else. I guess I just don't understand why it was such a bad thing, or be considered a "disappointment." Was it stated in a rule that I missed?
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    Quote: No, It was a typo.

    [​IMG] I know....I was just messin' with ya!!! [​IMG]
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    oh good!

    Mornin campin! Not a big deal at all. I posted big to make sure I got everyones attention... lets blame CH for that [​IMG]

    We have found from experience that kinda posting can get out of control fast, and by fast I mean a godzillion posts in short order and to keep the peace between those of us that CAN and have TIME to sort through all of it vs the new hatchers, posts can get missed when someone needs help very quickly. Even with the random funny postings and mini contests I wont allow it.
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    I had my thermometers arrive today, because my others broke just as I was setting up for this hatch. I now know why my first hatch in my new bator is not doing so well. I set 50ish eggs. Culled to 35 on day 7 and now down to 24. The temp is 2.5 c higher in bator than setting. Have now applied cal factor for that and set to 38.0c which is giving me 100f at the center of the eggs all round. All good for lockdown tommorrow. Will see how many hatch. Should be good for the Hal by now. Just stuck in a preorder for 6 lav ara 6 black orps and 12 RIR to set. Need to see if I can track down the other 2 breeds now.
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    Monin Miss Mornin Signs is mines I somehow lived despite the shaker temptations
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    Rigged I tell you!

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