The ads are driving me crazy!!!

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  1. my computer is slowing down and wacking out, and lagging because of all the ads! iwas recently on a thread with 2 of the same video and it kept going back and forth and just AAAAHHHH!.Please someone do something! It is freezing my computer up! this only happens when I'm on BYC! my scroll wants to stay in one place,and i can't make a reply! I tried clearing my history,powering down my computer,and when i kill the page and get back on it only lasts so long! Please help!I better finish typing before it happens again.[​IMG][​IMG]

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    The ads can become overwhelming to the point of ruining BYC for you.
    What browser are you using? Do you currently have any adblockers installed/running and, if so, what are you using?
    One other option is the golden feather membership which allows you the option to turn off the ads completely. I know some bristle at the fact that it feels like paying a ransom, but there are other perks that come with it as well that can help sweeten the deal if that is something you might feel.
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  3. I am using Google chrome.I don't have any blockers installed.Do you have to pay for golden feather? are there any extra responsibilities?
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    First option is to go to chrome advanced settings: content: Plugins - set Flash to "click to play", see if video lagging of site disappears.

    Golden Feather is only $20 a year and ads can be configured out. Responsibilities? Only to make an effort to post that which one considers adequate to making BYC worth a bit more than the $20 a year to one thereby not only defraying the cost of running the site, but attracting new members as well - all to create the backyard chicken borg! The Mods are volunteers... I tip my hat and pony up the $20.
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  6. ok! thank you all for responding :)

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