the crookneck and zuccini are ripe in the garden


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May 24, 2009
Mint Hill N.C.
I just harvested the first 15 veggies from the massive squash plants in the garden and gave the chickens one to munch on. I also have cantalope and watermelon so there will be a surplus of both for the chicks when they mature so they are going to have a nice assortment of organic veggies to supplement their grain and play with this summer. I know they will enjoy the nice cold watermelon on a hot N.C. day just as I do and its nice to know I can cut into one and have a place to dispose of the rest without feeliing like it is being wasted.


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Nov 14, 2008
I let my croocked neck mature all summer. Stored them them in the shed and feed to the chickens and peacocks all winter, at least until they were all gone. turned out to be a great winter snack. Even frozen, I just cut in half with a corn knife.


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Mar 30, 2009
South Alabama

We are run over with squash. I am so ready for the tomatoes to get ready!! My MIL made some pickled squash..I haven't tried it yet but it looks really good in the jar.

My DH wants to eat squash every day. So we've been having squash cassarole, squash dressing, stewed squash, stewed squash/potatoes/onions, fried squash, squash in our salads, and so on and on....LOL I love it too.

We are having alot of jalepeno peppers too. I am going to make some canned jars of them this week sometime...

I love this time of year

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