The Funniest/Weirdest Conversations You've Had with Your Family/Friends About Chickens!

kaylee gee

9 Years
Jul 5, 2012
My husband and I were tending the chickens one day, and we had to catch them and put them in their coop. After we worked together to catch them, we started cleaning the run. Our conversation went like this:

HUSBAND: "I never knew chickens were so fast and agile! They were hard to catch!"
ME: "They have to be, since they're so edible."

We both had to stop what we were doing until we could stop laughing!

In retrospect it was probably a pretty callous thing to say in ear-shot of our girls! lol!

So what conversations have you had that left you rolling in laughter??

Also, feel free to post pics of your flocks!

My bantam cochin rooster, my two cochin hens, and my new hampshire red hen!

My two cochin girls are identical, in more ways than one!

My little mister, Brewster the Rooster!
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I've had so may funny conversations about chickens but I will have to think for a while to come up with the best one. I know after we got chickens we commented that we never anticipated how much we would talk about chicken poop.

In that first photo, its like your hen is looking up and saying, "Who are you calling edible?"

Gota love Brewster the rooster.

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