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    UPDATE: Our original goal was 5 ratings per coop, but we're now realizing that 3 is a "good enough" number for what we needed.

    So, now we'd also like your help with this:
    BYC Learning Center REVIEW Project

    We need each member to help us rate at least 8 Chicken Coop Articles Listed Here:

    Chicken coops have been an incredibly important part of BYC from the beginning (1999), and we are always striving to improve our coop pages, resources, and organization of the over 3,000 (yes THREE-THOUSAND) chicken coop pages!

    So, to further the cause, we've got something important to do!

    We need YOUR HELP with rating chicken coops!!

    Short Version
    : Go to THIS PAGE, click one of the links, rank the chicken coop page!

    Details: Our goal is to have EVERY coop page have at least 5 3 ratings! We know that ends up being a LOT of ratings to do (3,000 x 5 = 15,000 ratings!), but to put it into perspective, if the 2,000+ active members of BYC (that's logged-in MEMBERS, not guests) just did 8 ratings, we'd be done in one day :D

    Our system has "ratings" (just the star rating) and "reviews" (the rating + a text comment), and you can do either one.

    We want your HONEST feedback on the coop pages. If you have some constructive feedback, but don't want to leave your name, you can check the anonymous box and leave a review anonymously.

    NOTE: If you see ANYTHING in the article that needs fixing (missing images, poorly formatted text, etc.,) PLEASE see the post HERE for instructions.

    To focus our efforts, I'll be posting (and updating) the list of coop pages that have under 5 ratings, and updating the list from time to time.

    We look forward to your help!!!


    Regarding rating criteria, try not to rate a coop page only on the way the coop looks. A 5-Star coop page is one that is incredibly detailed and chock-full of stuff that will help others build their perfectly fitting coop, and usually has a great combo of:
    • A bunch of pics during and after construction
    • A nice write-up of what the person did, what they liked, what they would have done differently, tips, tricks, etc.
    • Plans of the coop are a big bonus!

    2) Chicken Coop Indexes Sort Order:
    Short version: All coop pages are now sorted by "Rating"! Check out our Chicken Coops Index!

    Longer Version: About 4 months ago I was having a great convo with a bunch of our Premium Feather Membership (PFM's) to get their thoughts on the sort-order of the coop pages. We realized that sorting by "rating" wasn't a good option because the system only took into account average rating. That mean that a page with a single 5-star review (let's say a friend gave it to someone's not-great page) would rank higher than a page with dozens of 4.9 reviews.

    I was inspired to reach out to the developer and I was very pleased to hear that he was going to re-code the articles system to accommodate "weighted ratings"!!!

    So, starting today, all coop-page indexes are sorted by "weighted ratings"! :woot

    Ok, so non-weighted:
    compared to weighted:

    Check out the results on that 2nd link... those are definitely the "best" coop articles, right!?!?

    If anybody wants to get their geek-on, here's how the calculation is done. It's based on this : Bayesian average - Wikipedia

         // same as the xf resource manager to maintain a standard.
    public static $voteThreshold 10;
        public static 
    $averageVote 3;

        public function 
            return (
    self::$voteThreshold self::$averageVote $sum) / (self::$voteThreshold $count);
    More info here:
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    :wootLet's all get busy rating guys!
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    Geeze never put my two new ones in, do not really know if my domes are in the coop pages
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    Woot, we're down to 2969!! :D
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    okay give me a couple hours I will get my others in just got home
    eggs laying up in the chicken yard big girls not letting little in boxes
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    Give me a couple of hours. I am going to work from the bottom of the list up to hopefully catch up with new reviews coming in from other members who are more likely to work from the top down.
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    Would you explain weighted vs non weighted in a couple-few of sentences of plain English?

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