The New Chickies!


8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Milwaukie, Oregon
Just wanted to share some pictures of the chicks I got with you guys. There are 10 bantam Barnevelder chicks and 1 white Silky chick. These adorable little guys are from birdsnbeast and they are the liveliest sturdiest chicks I have ever had! I've been wanting bantam Barnevelders for a while and now I finally have them! Hopefully the little Silky will be a pullet and be a good broody for me. Any way here they are! Notice how the Silky sticks out like a sore thumb

I'm hoping to keep most of the pullets and keep the best cockerel and show the best of them all at the Stevenson show.

The little Silky fell asleep in the middle of everybody, the darling!

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