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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by sunflour, Nov 7, 2015.

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    Actually one of the reasons I've always enjoyed this author's books was the historical accuracy in all of her previous books, right down to the correct clothing for the period, the right furnishings, the complex relationships between the rulers of the time and the people, the use of historical characters sprinkled in with the fictional, and the political climate. In many of them she even used timelines of the era and identification of the real vs the fictional folks. But that book blew it for me.....

    The hardest part for me is the, um, racy stuff. I usually don't even read that part because after 48 years of marriage I've pretty much figured out how that works and I have yet to read one where it contributed to the plot much. But when I'm writing such a section, I keep feeling Ma looking over my shoulder, standing there with that "are-you-out-of-your-dirty-little-mind-wait-till-your-father-gets-home" look on her face and a bar of soap in her hand.
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    That is the part I'm laughing at, I couldn't do either.
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    Heya Frin!!
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    Hiya Blooie!
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    Blooie that is wonderful, never knew you were famous but, just loved you anyhow. Now I understand why your posts are so incredible you are a WRITER. Also didn't know you were Diane but, now that the truth is leaking out I am loving this even more. Now I know why you are so literate and fluent and other great stuff. I thought you had a script writer doing your posts before. You are the genuine article. [​IMG]. Please finish your book about a hunky guy in a kilt. Once years ago a BYCER posted a photo of her gorgeous husband in his kilt. Drove me and the other gals crazy. I have been attracted to kilt wearers ever since. Of course I haven't seen any but.... someday.
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    Quote: [​IMG]Where did Blooie say this? I somewhat skipped over reading the posts that were posted while I was gone. [​IMG]
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    Blooie, when you get your book done sign me up for a copy! I'm from the McDonald's (MacDonald) in Scotland and love a good hunk wearing a kilt, especially if the historical details are correct.

    Funny side story...My granddad always spelled his last name McDonald. It wasn't until a few months ago my cousin told me it was really MacDonald but G-pa and one of his brothers decided when they were kids that was too many letters to write so they dropped the 'a' to shorten their last name. Back in their day changing your name was a pretty simple thing to do. So apparently all this time we've really been Mac's not Mc's.
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    Well it's 15 degrees...brrrr...I still got to go out this morning and put van back together....then I'm taking the rest of the day off and watching my race eating some wings....and my wife said something about deep fried something...I think she wants to get creative....I think I'll hide my Twinkies......
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    @Blooie your book sounds interesting, but please make sure the guy in the kilt is a hunk…there are couple of fellows in my area that do wear kilts in public and are far from hunks, both need support hose.[​IMG] Or long skirts instead :)
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