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    It has gotten so hot this year already! I dont think it got this hot last year even we have heat indexes of over 100 for the next couple of days. Ive lost a hen a day for the past 3 days, 2 Wheaten marans, and one EE....Im just sick about it. Ive got their coop as cool as I can get it, fans to circulate the air, all doors open. I hope I don't lose anymore, it just breaks my heart going in the coop and seeing a perfectly normal hen laying dead.

    Im afraid its going to be a long summer.
  2. It's hot here in NM as well!
    Always make sure they have fresh water! Always! its supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow for us here. We've never had chicken problems with this heat Check on them every day and maybe put some ice cubes in there water to keep it warm.
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    Lost one the first really hot day we had (about a month ago now--I was out in the run with them; heard a mild commotion like a mating going on, then a weird silence. I went around behind the hen house and the rescued white chicken [I'm guessing she was a Cornish cross = meat bird b/c she fell off a truck headed for the processing plant] had just fallen over dead); lost another one sometime during the night. She was fine, and on the roost w/ the others when I closed the pop door, and dead on the floor when I let them out this a.m. [​IMG] BTW, I make sure they have fresh water, they have a fan pulling in fresh air day and night, and when there's a breeze I open the big door (about 8' high and 4' wide) for more fresh air (doors are shut up at night, but I still leave the fan in the window going). There are trees at the other end of the run with extra waterers sitting under them so they'll be shaded, and when I'm going to be home during at least most of the day, I let them out of their run (which is about 250'X75') and into our electric web fenced (but it is not electrified [​IMG] ) big back yard (about 2 acres) which has lots of shaded cooler areas to hang out. The temps here are more like July/August -- highs in the low to mid 90s with anywhere from 70-89% humidity. Heat indices have been 100+ for several days now... come on, October. [​IMG]
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    Add south Texas to the list of 105+ heat index lately. I have been freezing water in 2 liter soda bottles and putting one in the shade with them when I come home for lunch at noon. They take turns laying by it and sitting on it, and sip the little droplets of condensation that form on the outside. The only upside is, that I can't imagine a predator that would have the energy to go after them while its so dang hot!
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    Apr 14, 2010
    I am so sorry about your loss. Where in FL are you?? It is awful hot I know!! I am putting ice in water every afternoon and will be watching tomorrow...may have to get out the lil pool for them....they love to stand on the ice I put in a big container for them...

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    I'm sorry, Kathy! It's been wicked hot here, much worse than normal, even for July-August time frame. Humidity is through the roof, too. I'm having headaches from the heat/humidity combination and it was about 90 today, actual temp. That isn't too bad if it's dry, but soupy air is so heavy and oppressive. Gosh, I hope I don't lose any, but I have Ivy and Olivia in bad shape already. This could do them in.
  7. Hi! Losing a hen a day is just tragic. No losses from the heat here yet (unless that's what got the Frizz NN roo a couple weeks back).
    Yesterday, two broody hens walked off their nests and didn't go back. And hardly anyone is laying all of a sudden.
    I'm always thankful this time of year for our shade trees and shrubs in and around the chicken pens --- without them it would be much worse.
    It's going to be another hot one today. I need to go out and finish picking beans before it gets too bad here.
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    Hi Halo It sure is hot and this humidity is killer..I hope this isnt what our summer is like...Sorry to hear about you chickens [​IMG] It has been so hot it just takes your breath away..I have put some frozen water bottles in my run for them to lay next to and when the water melts I have been pouring them some cold water from it to drink..I have 1 broody sitting in a tractor on some eggs it is like being in a car with the windows rolled up..I opened the door but it is sooo hot she is just determend to be a mom
  9. A.T. Hagan

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    It's hit 100 even three days running at my place. The heat index is 108-110. It's 10 in the morning right now with the temp at 88 and humidity at 68% so the heat index is already at 99 degrees. That's just miserable weather for poultry. It throws off feed consumption, lowers egg production, and increase water consumption.

    Unfortunately there's nothing much to be done for it until the weather moderates. Supposed to have a fair chance of rain this afternoon so at least it might be cloudy and keep the temps down a bit. Maybe.
  10. We are getting it here is NC as well. All our pens are back in the woods so that helps keep the sun off them but in the afternoon the wind dies and the air gets still and sticky. The last 2 weekends we have torn the roof off one of our chicken house, added a new one (taller and peaked) and put a porch off the front. Yesterday I was roofing it and I counted 6 drops of sweat per roofing nail. [​IMG]


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