To Keep Or Not To Keep ~~~~ Opinions welcome!!

To keep or not to keep, that is the question. Do I keep the pure bred birds or the sex links, or bot

  • Keep the pure bred birds - sell the sex links.

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  • Keep the sex links - sell the pure breds.

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  • Keep the Brahmas and sex links.

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  • Keep the Partridge Rocks and sex links.

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  • Keep the Buff Rocks and sex links.

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  • Sell them all and start over - Please post the breed you would replace them with.

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  • Keep a few of each.

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5 Years
Apr 1, 2014
Tryon, Oklahoma
I have a dilemma. Without realizing what birds are what and which ones are best for 'this' or 'that', I purchased some from a feed store. They turned out to be Golden and Black Sex links, 15 + 1 more added later for a final count of 16.

Which I now know is GREAT for egg production, but they'll never be good for reproducing future layers. So, when their days of laying are over it's OFF with your heads and into the freezer with you.
Seems cruel, but I did want chickens for multiple reasons and eating them is one. These birds are also flighty no matter how much I handle them or interact. I dislike this about them.

Knowing that I wanted broody hens and ones that were good layers too ,I purchased Partridge Rocks, Buff Rocks, and Light Brahmas from Murray McMurray hatchery out of Iowa and two roo's, for a total of 24 birds, not including the two exotic chicks I received in the batch, so a final count of 26. These birds CAN reproduce themselves (I will need to add a Brahma roo for that purpose), will go broody, and are also suppose to be people friendly, which I wanted because of my granddaughter.

Now my coop/run in reality cannot comfortably house 42 birds and I knew going in that some of these would be sold at a local auction right before or when they start laying.

Help me decide which do I keep and which do I sell......

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