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I've a question for BYC'ers as a sort of poll. Here is the situation: DH and I are currently looking at real estate. Now, the one thing I have never wanted is a backyard pool. I don't like to swim, but even if I did, I just don't want the maintenance headaches that a pool entails. So when looking at listings, as soon as I get to the part about "in-ground pool", I rule that house out and keep looking.

Recently however, while driving through our target area, I saw a house for sale that looked ideal. I picked up the flier and as I read through, I got more and more excited - it sounded exactly what we are looking for. Then I got to the part about the pool and my hopes were dashed. However when I showed the flier to DH, he suggested we look at the house anyway and worry about the pool later.

Long story, short, we LOVE the house - it is just about perfect. But every time we start to think about putting in an offer, one of us says: "But it has a pool...."

So my question is this: how many of you would value a house MORE because it has a pool, and how many of you would value it LESS, as we do? (Because I'm thinking we might end up buying this house but I want to know for resale value in the future, how many of you would consider this added value.)
I would love a inground pool,but it would have to be in good condition. If the house was super cheap with good land I might even consider an old pool. I would just fill it with soil or make it into a very large pond if fixing it was too costly.
I'm with you. I wouldn't want the added headache of a pool, but I think we are in the minority. Do you plan on making this your forever house? What I would do if I was in your place:
A) Not my forever home: Empty water out. Close up. Leave it be. The next person will probably want a pool and I guess it does increase the value of a property.
B) Forever home: scour the internet for idea of what to turn it into... bomb shelter? root cellar? koi pond? basement to your massive chicken coop that will be build over it?

Good luck! I certainly wouldn't let one thing ruin the deal if the rest is perfect. Perfection doesn't come around all that often...
I'm a pool lover, but then I think I'm part fish. Our next door neighbors had an in ground when we were kids. Around my teen years, they had aged enough that the pool was no longer of interest (and one had dementia, and would wander) so, for safety's sake they filled the pool in. I always thought it was a shame, as I know the next owner would have loved the pool.
A guy I knew had a pool that he got tired of taking care of. He turned it into a fish pond. He sank 55 gallon barrels but in half filled with rock and dirt and had lilly pads and various other plant life growing in the pool. He raised fish in the pool. When he wanted fish for dinner he simply went fishing in his pool.

You can also have it filled in with rock in the bottom and dirt on top and have yourself a small garden. A guy that lives down the road from me does this. It looks funny but he has a super garden. If you ever get tired of the garden pool you can just cover it with cement and have a area for cookouts or whatever you want to use it for.

If I was buying a house with a pool I would say it degrades the price. You have to spend a ton of money on them and maintain them everyday during the Summer. Then close them up in the Fall and open them up in the Spring. Unless you love to swim it is not worth it.
Just my opinion of course.

It depends on where you are. Here in FL, pools are well loved because we can swim in them even during the winter if they have heat. Nothing freezes and the pools get a lot of use. Property values generally increase with them.
That's what I was thinking - it depends on where you are. I'm in Iowa and it wouldn't be worth the headache to use a pool just 3-4 month out of the year. If I was someplace like California or FLorida I wouldn't mind one. ( I like to swim and just float around on a raft with a good book)
When we bought our house a few years ago, DW wanted a pool. I did not for these reasons. 1. We are not young and maintenance would be a problem. 2. I would be the one to do the maintenance and I know I don't want to do it. 3. Homeowners insurance goes up as pools are a liability. 4. I don't like to swim and burn easily. 5. I know it would not get used enough to warrant the expense. 6. We live in NY and use of a pool is minimal at best. 2 months total tops. 7. I was a letter carrier and I saw more empty pools than make it worth having one.

Now in your case. If you can have chickens there then perhaps it's worth it. In my mind you want acres. LAND plain and simple. If this is your first house, only buy in an area you are willing to live in for life if you have to. We got stuck in our first house for far to long.

DON'T PAY for Something you won't use and don't want. Keep looking. Besides if you've told the realtor you don't want a pool why are they showing you houses with pools?

I know you'll find the ideal house for you, be patient.


I googled "does a pool add value to a house" and this is what I found. There is more but I didn't copy it all.

Arshi Paul states that an in-ground pool can add approximately a 5 percent increase in home value in the Northeast U.S. and up to 11 percent in the Southwest. If you have a well-maintained in-ground pool you can expect to get 50 percent of the pool's original value.

Read more: Does a Swimming Pool Add Value to a House? |

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