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I want 4-5 chickens and 2 goats and my town saids I need 6 acres

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Mar 5, 2018
Is there any way around this I want 4-5 chickens and 2 goats I have 1.4 acres in ogdensburg nj and the zoning officer said I need 6 acres to have a farm I don’t want a farm I just want a few animals for personal use
First question to ask the city is whether a variance or special permit can be requested. For example, here the ordinance is you can have three hens. That was fewer than I wanted to keep. I was able to apply for a permit that allows me to keep more (I asked for, and was granted, a flock of 7). There is a small fee and hi have to renew every two years.
Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

I would keep digging and want to know what constitutes a "farm". This I'm thinking that some people talk out their necks and I wanna see what the wording and literature says, not what THEIR interpretation of it is! No, I'm not into loop holes and got no respect for those who try to cheat the law or rules. Whether I agree with them or not... they are in place for a reason (imagine if everyone thought meh screw it, I do what I want)... and I always check zoning before purchasing a home, though I do realize that my needs and interests have grown and changed. But working hard to achieve your goals is super rewarding!

I would also call the agriculture department or code enforcement and see what their stuff says.

Here were are allowed per acre... (it's been a while so my memory is rusty).. 2 large animals like horse, or 4 smalls animals like sheep or goats. Unlimited chickens until the neighbors complain. For our area... this is because we are drinking our water.. and some people have no common sense.

On top of that... chickens can very well be pets! Goats too. :love And their is often wording that allows for 4 H kids to raise animals.

If you get nowhere, might be worth it to seek a city council meeting.

Good luck! It's a battle worth fighting right so others may benefit too for generations to come! Oh boy the difference in the life of a kid who ever knew a farm animal. :yesss: Not to mention the DEEP benefits of it holds for a fogey like me!... Can we get some beneficial mental health in this country?!!! And get us up off our couches instead of continuing to become obese... :thumbsup I can go on and on... so if you do have to take it higher don't forget all these wonderful points. :)
Thank you so much for the info I will definitely look into it my wife was heart broke when they told her no and she gave up but to me it doesn’t make sense and it makes me want to dig for answers
This what my wife found on it.
But I still don’t understand because that says to me is that is what is need to be considered a farm I don’t want to have a farm I just want a few chickens and 2 goats
Just get them. Give eggs to your neighbors. Keep everything in your yard clean and sanitary.
No one will complain and
You will be ok.
Are both the chickens and goats a problem or just the goats? In my city you would not be able to have goats on your property (restrictions on goats require VERY large lots and special food storage and housing restrictions) but you would be able to have several hens on a lot much smaller than yours without anyone blinking an eye.

In general there are many more cities that allow a smallish number of hens than those that allow goats.

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