Transport of button quail


May 31, 2017
Hi! I'm new to the site and looking for advice. I'm moving out of state and need pointers on how to safely transport button quail. It's at least a 10 hour drive.

I've read on a prior post about putting them in a bag or a dark enclosure. But it seems to me that for such a long drive they'll need food and water mid-trip.

Has anyone met with success driving quail? I really don't want to harm them.

You could try teaching them to drink from a rodent/rabbit waterer, which'll help with the hydration during the trip. As for the food, I'd put a big pile in for them to ensure they don't run out mid-trip.

I haven't took mine on any long trips, but I imagine these things could help.
They can handle 10 hours without food, but if you plan on starting first thing in the morning when they've just done 12? hours without food, you might be pushing it. As long as they are adults, they'll probably live, but they will be hungry.
If you could do the drive at night, packing them after a long day of eating all they care for, I wouldn't worry at all.
I've done 5 hours of transport during the day with no issue at all, without giving food and water. With 10 hours, I agree I'd give them the chance to feed and drink at some point. If a rodent waterer won't work, you could also take a couple of breaks during the trip and offer them a small bowl of water while you stretch your legs or eat.

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