Tri-Colored Cockerel

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    I bought this cockerel about 6 weeks ago. He's about 8 weeks old now, and when I first bought him, he didn't show any red on his face and chest like he does now. I was told he is a RIR mix, and the mother could be Barred Rock (my guess), Production Red, or Black Star. From what I gather, he only has the hens out with his RIR roo, but has any one ever seen this color combination? It may be a stupid question, but I tried googling and I cannot find one that looks like him. Do you think I could breed that color?

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    From the barring, the momma had to be the barred rock. I've got a hen that's his female counterpart, I call her my calico hen

    You might look at the Rhodebar thread, it's an autosexing breed made from barred Rocks and RIR, they're not exactly like your bird but similar.
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    Ooo... She's pretty. :) Thank you, I'll look them up.

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