Two OEGBs on Craigslist in Sacramento, California

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  1. i hope i'm doing this right. i haven't posted here since the format changes.

    i went to see these two little chickens yesterday. At that point, this owner did not know what he had. They wouldn't work with my current flock, but i told him i would post on my chat board for him. They are moving end of week and can't take them, so pretty anxious to find a new home. The owner is a very nice man and seemed very concerned about finding them a good home. They have been his daughter's pets.

    The hen hasn't laid yet, so both are probably under a year. The coop that comes with it is small, homemade, and not especially predator-proof. But with some work and hardware cloth, could be.

    Anyhow, here is the link:

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    Aww!! I like that roo. Hope they find a good home. Doesn't sound bad for the pair plus the coop...
  3. Well, i told him that i would buy them if he can't find a home for them by week's end. So if he doesn't sell them i may be posting them again. That roo is very cute!
  4. Well, the guy with the chickens called to say that no one has bought them and he has to get rid of them. So he's bringing them to my house tomorrow. So they are still available, just now from me personally. [​IMG]

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