Update of sneezes of Algernon

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    I know many times folks don't update on postings here. Well, I thought I would update on Algernon the swap meet barred rock roo.

    Tylan50, cider vinegar in his water and a thorough dose of DE in his food in case of worms and ...

    Algernon is free of sneezes, free of chest congestion and beginning to CROW at the polite hour of 7 am.

    I'd worried when he'd begun to sneeze that rescuing a production bird was both soft headed and soft hearted but I'm not sorry any more. He is quite a sweet boy. I learned how to give shots and that that's not that bad, and he learned it wouldn't kill him either.

    So he's production grade but he's a nice big guy, with a proper crow and a broad back and gentle nature. For now, that'll do. Thank you for being here, for the stickies, for the support.


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