UPDATE: Rooseter Heat Stroke Symptom


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Feb 3, 2011
SW Kentucky
Hi All,

Ok first I want to say thank to all of you who helped me through my rooster ordeal.

Just to let you all know for future reference a bit about my discovery on Heat Stroke with Chickens.

So my rooster was fine in the morning, and when I returned home from work (5pm) he was in coop, limp, weak, and just disoriented. Looked to me like he was on the edge of death. Neck wobbling all over, could not stand. Now mind you the temp outside was close to 100 that day and dummy me I did not give them fresh water that morning although they had plenty but from the previous day.

I put rooster in a seperate pen, made sure he had plenty of breeze and shade, and feed (almost had to force) him sugar water. He was in rough shape all night. I woke up the next morning to check on what I thought would be a dead roo, and he was standing, and eager as hell to get out of that tiny cage he was stuck in. We let him out and he was good as new, just like this never happened.

So if your little buddy has instant symptoms like this and it was a hot day, please consider this cause. Thanks to my fellow KY who brought this to my attention.


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