Very pleased with Buff Orpingtons


5 Years
Mar 13, 2014
My Coop
My Coop
I incubated my very first batch of chickens - Buff Orpingtons and they hatched out last weekend. I couldn't be more happier with the breed (so far). I put 42 in the incubator and 33 hatched. I didn't loose any during the hatching. At the end, there were 10 eggs left, one I picked out and it survived, 4 weren't fertilized, 3 died early in development and 2 were fully developed but didn't hatch, they were dead when I got to them. I haven't had much trouble with them, they eat a pile, mess in their water, and grow like crazy. I had one hatch who seemed to have a swollen naval. Im not sure what exactly it was - I was quite concerned at first, but it survived, eats and drinks fine now. Another chick was having a hard time standing, his foot would slide out from under him. I used an elastic to make a brace for him, double knotting the elastic on both ends, so that there was loops for the birds feet to go into and give so he could walk. Now he is walking quite well, the brace is still on. He is eating and drinking regularly. I just thought Id share my success and recommend the breed to anyone wanting a flock of layers! They do make a great meat bird too. Note: I got my eggs from a local small farmer, not a hatchery.

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