very sleepy /non thriving chick

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    I hatched 13 chicks a week ago. All seemed healthy and lively, I left for about a week with my sister watching them. I set up a huge plastic tub with brooder light plenty of water /food. Came back 3 of the smaller chicks very weak, 2 have died, 1 is on its way.

    Ive been force feeding it wet chick starter, electrolytes, and sugar. It seems to gag when I feed it, I use a plastic spoon with the liquid resting at the edge -I watch very closely that it gets very little on the end of its beak. When i see the beak wet I pull back so I dnt think its getting to much. I did get it to spit up some mucus earlier.

    The others seem just fine, when I pick up the weak one it will open its eyes for seconds then asleep again. Ive not seen it get up and eat /drink on its own....just lays there and sleeps.

    What is going on? The bedding is pine, temp is in the 90s, no drafts....other than vitamins and med feed what else can I do?

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