Jun 18, 2022
Hello! I’ve hatched a few other breeds and currently have other chicks but has anyone found that Vorwerk’s seem to have leg issues or is it just my babies?

The eggs are from an online seller and the babies are all slowly developing leg issues with the first one developing problems at a few days old with the newest one at almost 4 weeks. The issues arising are leg weakness, to where the chick keeps falling over on its side, or the leg starts bending outwards at the knee.

They are feed Kalmbach non-medicated starter with vitamins in their water every few days. The brooder is a large box with large pine shavings over shelf liner and a heat plate.
I'm sorry you're having trouble.

It would be hard to say if the issue is breed specific.

Post some photos of the legs so we can see them.

From your description, it sounds like the chicks may be suffering from leg deformity. If it's leg deformity, then this could be caused by genetics, incubation issues or parent stock nutrition.
You can try giving 1/4 tablet B-Complex to each chick to see if that helps.
With photos, other suggestions may be made.

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