Was I deceived? Mixed Breed - Pullet or Cockerel

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  1. Hey guys,

    I bought these mixed breed chickens about 3 weeks ago and the owner said they were about a month or so out from laying. I thought they were hens, and the owner told me that they were when I handpicked them out. I bought two of the same mixed breeds. However, one of my breeds has loose feather that hangs down off her back; i believe they are called saddle feathers (sorry I'm new). However, they are pointy instead of rounded. If the owner said that they are a a month or so from laying, then (if it is a roo) why isnt he crowing or have a big comb?

    Anyways, I am hoping its a hens, but it has those pointy saddle feather? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    ** The following pics are about 3 weeks old when i purchase them. Their combs havent gotten much bigger, however, since then.[​IMG]




  2. sourland

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    You are correct. The 'suspect' bird is a cockerel.
  3. Hinotori

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    That looks awfully roosterish to me. Looks like saddle feathers and sickles on the tail. Red on the wings, too. It kind of looks like he has the wonky mixed pea comb that EEs can get. So that could be why he doesn't have a big comb.

    It could be a younger rooster and that's why he's not crowing yet. I have an ameraucana cockerel who is 22.5 weeks old that isn't crowing yet. He's actually only quit peeping in the last two weeks and is making the transitional noises while he gets his adult voice in.
  4. When do you think he will be on top of the pecking order? Right now, I believe at the top is my Sex-linked hen (she is older i believe around 1.5-2yrs old - not laying ). Well maybe now since the hen in question is a rooster, I can let them out of their 40ft run into the grassy lands that I have. Hopefully they dont run away .
  5. Also, when will he start mating. I have a total of 9 chickens ( 8 i guess are hens, and he is the roo)? Only 1 hen is laying (Rhode Island Red).

    Thanks guys for all your help, by the way
  6. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    those are 110% cockerel. they can start mating from as young as 4 months

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