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    Feb 3, 2010
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    I can relate.

    You can also recycle or re-use cast off materials. I grew carrots in an old pair of cowboy boots.
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    This was my point exactly. We all do what we can, and what we're comfortable with. Right now I'm doing as much as I can possibly manage, while also home schooling and managing a home. Our children we cloth diapered, I use cloth pads and a menstrual cup; we don't use paper towels except for bacon grease (all other uses are subbed with kitchen cloth); we have bathroom cloth for our family and T.P. for guests; we drive as little as possible while still not being hermits; we got our own chickens, we are planning a garden, we eat whole foods, we don't use conventional medicine or doctors, etc. It's what I can manage. Anyone who feels convicted to change something n their lives to be more earth friendly should absolutely do what they can, but basically you said that using peat moss is irresponsible since we know better. Well, I could make that same argument for SO many of the things listed, but I would never tell someone they're being irresponsible by using disposable diapers...or....or....or....

    Get my point? We all do what we can, sometimes adding things in, sometimes taking things away. Nobody can do it all unless we go aboriginal and live in mud huts with loin cloths and farm our own food and animals.
    But you can stop using peat and use something else instead with no lifestyle change whatsoever, no effort. I don't see the point of using it. It has some negative effects on soil, it doesn't add any nutrients, it lowers soil PH. It aerates soil and retains moisture, but so does every other type of organic matter~ like the wood shavings that you throw away from your chicken coop. Or grass clippings, shredded leaves, saw dust, composted food waste. Harvesting peat completely destroys wet lands, for a completely unnecessary product. It's not comparable to a cloth VS paper debate. (and Jess you know that I cloth diapered, but I don't believe it saved me money or helped the environment much) If we are going to pick and choose which things we do to hurt/help the environment, doesn't it make sense to choose wisely? Why do something so damaging for no good reason?
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    Yes there are lots of different opinions out there But if yours is different then mine you are wrong I can't help that [​IMG]
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    Quote:FirewifeJess Yes, one should not tell other people they are irresponsible "under those circumstances".

    There are circumstance where one should speak up and tell others they are irresponsible. If they don't stand up and speak then they are themselves irresponsible.

    >>> not stopping someone from Drinking and then driving

    >>> not doing something about parents who neglect or abuse their children.

    >>> elderly abuse

    and there are a lot of others. We must not turn a blind eye to many things, and we need to speak about them.

    Quite honestly, I don't think human kind is worthy of the planet we have inherited. We have done so many awful things to it, and don't seem ready to make any effort to put it right.

    It is my belief that in the not too distant future we shall poison this earth, and/or kill ourselves off in war, and then the planet will hopefully have a chance of healing itself.
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    ok, enough chit-chat; time to go and feed my birds!

    See y'all later.
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    My Coop
    I am so sorry. Last Dec I have the bad stomach flu hubby had to take me to the hospital becasue of it. Well we have a appt for my sweet Great PYR Tapaul she had a hole in her stomach and we didnt know why( thought with her running in the pasture maybe a branch) well poor hubby had to take her in he called and told me she had cancer so we had to put her down. I was so upset and still am she was my beauty and oh so sweet..
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    Aug 4, 2009
    Hey MikeyB
    if ya want to do some gardening. get the book "square foot gardening" by Mel Bartholomew. Its $7.00 plus shipping on Amazon or go to the library. you can make as much or as little garden as ya want. I had several boxes 4x4 and a couple 4x8 and even 2x8 (for peas). Its best to use 2x6's but you can get away with using 1x6's
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    Aug 4, 2009
    Your right TC I have that right [​IMG] but I NEVER am [​IMG] just aske my DW [​IMG] time to go let the girls out.........................

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