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    Excellent idea!

    use a aquarium heater..... you just need to keep above freezing just have it plugged in when ever the temps get to freezing. Or put the waterer in the coop and when the coop is closed up with birds it is rare to get to freezing unless you have a all wire(open) side.
  2. mikeyb

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    Greg; If I did today what me a couple of buddies did when we were teenagers homeland security would drag me away in chains.

    Model flying airplanes and blackpowder guns + 2 or 3 boys = flying bombs!!
    long homemade fuse, dangerous yep, but what the heck it was fun, load one plane and fly it off the pier in Stoney Creek and watch it being blown to smithereens. A lot of fun. Then we found it was a lot easier with "cherry bombs" and "hammer heads".
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    Feb 3, 2010
    Rochester, Wa
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    Nov 28, 2012
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    I think someone broke into my hen house and stole my eggs today. I always get at least 2 but today, nothing from 5 hens and they looked upset today. This only happened once before and the same people where visiting next door. ARHGG! The next door neighbor is letting some homeless people live in his garage and this is causing a bunch of problems. We ran them off once this year already. I feel sorry for them but they are bringing a bad element around with lots of unwanted traffic. If it happens again all heck is going to break out here. Don't touch my eggs! My hens free range and we don't have fences. I hope these people don't mess with my girls. I left the bay area of California to get away from this kind of stuff! I wish they would take their tweaking midnight parties elsewhere.
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    I used a 75W bulb over my waterer in the coop and it never froze, even when it got down to 13 degrees.
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    Correct Mikey. People don't understand how it effects people with this problem.
    My son has been on all of the different drugs over the years as he had severe case of it.

    We spent thousands of dollars trying homeopathic before going to the drugs.

    I was dead set against placing my son on drugs.
    I did hours and hours of research on ADD, ADHD.
    Read many books, talked to Doctors from Homeopathic to regular.

    Then spent countless doctor visits finding a drug that wouldn't turn him into a zombie.

    It made a huge difference in his school work, home life.

    Yet, I have seen countless kids misdiagnosed.

    It is a huge industry that is out of control.

    People whom educate themselves about it can tell after meeting a kid a few times if he has it or just a matter of the kid never receiving discipline.

    Unfortunately it has turned into a huge $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ machine.
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  9. Totalcolour

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    Good fences make good neighbours. Perhaps if you had a fence between this particular neighbour and yourself it would help the situation? If the chickens go over into their property. perhaps they thingk they have the right to come to yours and take eggs.

    It's just wrong of them to take what isn't theirs - no justification. Good luck with this problem.
  10. robj

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    Aug 3, 2012
    Olympia Wa.
    I tell you what I probably won't head out there for a couple of weeks I have to wait to see what I can hatch out of my eggs but I will give you a shout for sure.

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