Welsummer or Barnevelder? Cuckoo Marans also


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Feb 13, 2008
Vermont, USA
These are pure bred from the following breeds. I believe I have 3 Cuckoo Marans and the other I believe is a Welsummer, but could be a Barnevelder. Please let me know what you think. My guess from photos online it's a Welsummer but would LOVE it to be a Barnevelder. Thanks!

In a patterned variety, chicks dont really look the same. When we got our welsummers, some were really dark, while others were lighter. Kinda like with SL wyandottes, some have stripes on their backs, others dont.
The only cuckoo is the chick in the broken link(black with white head spot) The other dark chicks are not cuckoo. They are also showing quite a lot of brown on the wings.

The irregular patches on that brown chick's head is due to Pg and other genes, which is what barnevelders have.

Teddiliza has great picture of welsummer chicks- welsumer are always e+ pattern and so should always have the classic chimpunk stripe with the eye streak. They never have the splotchy head markings.
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Kev, what is a Pg gene you spoke of in the Barnvelders? They guy who sold me the eggs said they are in seperate pens, his Wels, CM's and Barns. Doesn't sound like they are.
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