What’s the diffrence between these three breeds?

What’s the difference between the three breeds?

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Sep 22, 2019
I've never had Ameraucana or EE, but my experience with Faverolle has been great. The biggest differences are genetics and toes. Faverolles have five, unlike a majority of other heritage breeds which have four (Houdans and Dorking have 5 too). They lay creamy brown eggs and have white shanks, the other two breeds vary with a more colorful selection.
Faverolles originated in France, Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas are America/Chile.

My Faverolles tend to be VERY broody and motherly... they are rather talkative and are very docile toward me. Of course, like other breeds, they sometimes bicker back and forth... but are overall a favorite breed of mine. I would completely recommend them to somebody who is looking for good backyard egg layer (unless you have a noise ordinance. Haha.)
Each individual bird is different, but you can try your best to raise them in certain ways! Best of luck.
One and two are the same. They are bred for egg color not uniformity of adult bird colors, size. These do not breed true as they are mixed breed chickens. The chicks from breeding can vary greatly from what either parent looked like.

Three is a breed that is bred for the adult bird uniformity. They will breed true. That means if you breed a Salmon Faverolle to a Salmon Faverolle the adults from that breeding will all have features the same as the parent birds
I agree, the first two breeds listed are the same. Americana = Easter Egger. The third listed, salmon Faverolles, is a totally different and separate breed.
Many hatcheries sell Easter Eggers and label them as Americana. Some hatcheries sell Easter Eggers under both names.
I find it quite dishonest and a little insulting actually.
Anything to make more money I suppose. :hmm

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