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    Hello there,

    Very new to this forum.. I found it because I had a question to ask about a bird I purchased from McMurray Hatchery labeled "Bantam Americauna". I have since learned it is probably an Easter Egger.. only it doesn't look ANYTYHING like my other EEs. I purchased 3 bantams, got 2, both are roosters - and neither one has any muffs and they didn't look anything like the bigger EEs when they were babies.

    I gave one to my mother, the one that was almost solid white as a baby with a few black penciling marks - grew up to be totally white with grey flecks so I called him Xerox. After I gave him to my mother, she took him back to New Mexico - brought him to a fair and the judge said he was a Lemon Blue Splash Bantam OEG... which she said is very rare.

    The other one I kept - he is very handsome, and after a serious discussion as to who was boss he respects me when I go in.

    I would like to find out if there is another color of OEG that matches his - or if there isn't - what genetic makeup would make this coloration and what offspring he might create. I find it very beautiful.


    His tail is blending a bit with the Sumatra hen behind him.. but it is black.
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    Buff... [​IMG]
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    Apr 25, 2011
    I don't know much about bantam breeds, but he is cute. Does he have a little squeaky crow as well ?
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    Not really squeaky, it is higher than the other roos... but nowhere near as high as my banty OEG who is about half his size again [​IMG]
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    He's an easter egger, so was the other one. Easter Eggers don't have to have a muff and beard to be an Easter Egger.
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    Thank you, that is what I suspected. I had never seen this coloration or his brother's before - anywhere. Since I don't know anybody who raises OEG except my mother (she raises silver and gold duckwing) I thought I would ask here. She called him "Pumpkin" but I couldn't find any reference to this color. Do you think that that he carries the blue egg gene that makes him an EE instead of just a bantam cross? He does have green legs but not the fluffy face.

    Since there is no "name" for most of the colors of EEs, then the only questions left are: what makes this color combination (genetics) - and how can I make some more? I sure like his colors!
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    Pumpkin is a game colour, and there is a ton of variation in game colouring,

    He is a very odd mix with the red body and silver hackles!

    My guesses on genotype is E^Wh (wheaten) base, S/s+ (golden) ground, Db to get the black tail, possibly Co to remove black from the body, but Db might be enough, and Mh to get a red rather than silver body.

    This thread really belongs in the Breeds, Genetics & Showing section. You would get more knowledgeable responses.
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    he has the wrong comb to be an oegb
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    Apr 25, 2011
    Well, he is a pretty rooster, no matter if he is a oegb mix or not. How is his personality with you, and his hens, or his brother's personality with people and if your mother has him with a flock ? Maybe though you will get some pretty little hens with that pumpkin color as well.
  10. ChickNmamma

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    He is a good boy with me now - respects me. We only had one discussion.. and he watches me but doesn't try anything. He is good with the hens, and is in a pen with 4 other roosters... he is second-in-command.

    I sure hope he will give me some pumpkin colored hens - its a beautiful color. However, it may be a male color.... The girls are 2 Porcelean d'Uccles, 1 Mille Fleur d'Uccle, 1 Partridge Wyandotte Bantam, 2 Phoenixes, 1 Light Brahma Bantam, 1 Blue Silkie and a Summatra.

    The Blue Silkie has just hatched out three babies. One looks like her, one looks like a possible Summatra x Porcelean d'Uccle cross, and the last one is chipmunk - so maybe his.
    Left is probably Porcelean d'Uccle x Summatra, Right looks like Blue Silkie - no clue yet as to who dad is.

    This one is chipmunk - just hatched in the last hour - might be Light Brahma Bantam x Eagle
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