What do you feed your dog?


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
I was kind of curious as to what everyone feeds their dogs here and why.
My dogs have been on everything from RAW to Diamond Lamb & Rice\\Diamond Chicken & Rice. But we have recently switched to Nature's Recipe Vegetarian forumla as it helps with skin and coat problems and its getting that time of year for Brooklyn, Bubbles, Sinatra and Pokey (they all have coat issues once spring hits).
As for treats I only buy non animal ingredient products like Blue Dog Bakery or Buddy Biscuits, but my favourite is making them myself. They love homemade stuff and Brooklyn even knows the containers they are put in and learned how to open the fridge and get the treats out. Never messed with anything else in the fridge either!

So lets hear it, what do your doggies eat?
We feed Natural Balance, because it's relatively inexpensive without being "junk." We feed dry, because it's better for dogs teeth. I was amazed at how many brands had corn as an ingredient when I was searching for a new dog food . . . my dog breaks out in a horrible rash if there is the slightest hint of corn in his food.
What kind of Purina? They have so many brands now!

Bubbles is also allergic to corn. She can have some of the homemade treats that contain a bit of cornmeal but kibble is a nightmare!
We tried out Science Diet on her, the dental kind, and within a week she lost about 75% of her hair!
Solid Gold's Hund-n-Flocken for the past 10 years. My 12 year-old dog won't eat store-bought dog treats although he will eat liver. I simmer beef liver in water and chop it into cubes and freeze the extras in small packets.
The chickens like this dog food too...if one comes inside, she seeks out the dog bowl for leftovers--she know where to find the bowl!


My dog had a bladder stone when he was younger which the vet removed and she insisted that my dog go on one of the Science Diet varieties. He wouldn't eat it--and the stuff smelled horrible. I went back to feeding the Solid Gold and he's happy. He had an X-ray last year--no more stones.
Dog used to eat Eagle Pack, then decided he didn't like that. We tried him on a raw diet for a while that came from the local bison CSA, he wasn't into that either. He was eating Wellness until this past week--he got giardia at doggy day care and somehow decided in his wolfy brain that it was the kibble's fault. He refused to eat anything other than treats for two days. So now he's eating Solid Gold Wolf Cub with apparent joy.

When left to his own devices, he eats chicken poo, apples, cheese, hay, fallen leaves, cat food, yogurt, mud, feathers, dust bunnies, the occasional wool rug, any non-rubber toy, his leash, fleece blankets...
Oh I forgot to add they also treat the cat like a Pez dispenser...
I even made some pretty bizarre looking treats for them called Kitty Box Krunchies bc of their love of cat poop. Though mine are made with carob and bran
We've tried other brands off and on.. Eagle was a good dog food, but hard to find. We always just get Pedigree now. They never had any trouble back when there were all those dying dogs and cats. The food goes a long ways and my dogs are always trim with shiny coats. Our vet of over 20 years who was also a professor suggested it as it was what they buy for their dogs. I can't imagine ever trying anything new again, especially when the expensive brands turned out to have the same problems as the cheap ones. But, you will find everyone has their reasons for choosing what brand they do. What I swear by someone else will swear against
But, here are my dogs that we have had and kept on Pedigree......






Oops I forgot there were so many brand.
Purina Dog Chow. It was what my vet reccomended.

My dog I had growing up lived to be 22 years old on Purina dog food.

I do believe my parents did switch her to the senior formula as she got older

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