What happened on the way to school today.......

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    My sister was taking my kids a nd her daughter to school this morning when a tractor trailer on the opposites side of the road lost control of the truck and flipped over. This is the picture. where she stopped to where the truck stopped!
    It's amazing that no one was hurt. The truck didn't hit a single other car. It shut down this stretch of US30. Sis said there couldn't have been but a couple of car lengths between her and the truck! The truck stopped right in front - literally a couple of feet before a small pick up(it's not in the photo).

    Good thing she got held up at Wawa. No telling how it could have turned out if she had left even 5 minutes earlier!

    ETA - the trailer is still attached to the truck. It's laying on it's side across the median and the west bound lane.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank goodness she is ok!
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    Isnt it weird how the little things that can hold you up only 30 more seconds can save your life?

    Glad she is ok!
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    Quote:I know, right?!? My BIL called my sis while she was sitting waiting for the police to finish to tell her the road was shut down. She said funny thing dear....... and sent him the pic. She said he was in worse shape about it than they were!
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    Thank goodness everyone is okay. That would be so scary!

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