what is this goose behavior?


Mar 11, 2010
the other day my goose was sitting in a raised flower bed which is one of her usual spots. their were some pieces of straw scattered over the dirt and she would delicately pick each piece of straw up one at a time then walk over to the other side of the bed and put it on that side. she eventually made a small little pile of straw then walked away
. anyone know what she was doing and has anyone have their geese do this? shes only 4 and a half months so to young to be making a nest right?
Usually, mine just lays about right after her nest is done.... and my goose when she makes a nest, she usually lays most of her eggs there but some of the time she will lay them somewhere else..... Like, my goose just made a nest in our front flower bed and she laid about two eggs in there and then went into our chickens coop at night and now she lays all of her eggs there!
I had ganders "make nests", and geese that did little gestures toward making a nest, but didn't lay any eggs (especially the ganders).

I think your goose is playing "house".

Come spring, she'll make a serious nest, taking hours and hours to get it just right.
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