what is your dream job?


11 Years
Nov 19, 2008
planet chicken
share your dream job and/or current job here!

I want to be a chef in a very fancy restuerant. i love to cook.

What's yours?
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I want to work with horses, be an artist, and/or an author of many animal(mainly horse) books.
Oh and I want to have tons of animals and a big flock of chickens, which I will use for eggs and I will sell baby chicks, eggs, and chickens to people.
I want to sit in an office all day, hardly doing anything except being on BYC online. Oh wait, I guess I already have the dream job!
Natural horsemanship/ Trick training/Horse Trainer

Petting Zoo operator..........wait I already do those...well..I'd like to make enough to ONLY do that, lol

Maybe finish Zoology degree and work in a ZOO with the big cats....
something where you educate kids about animals...
MMA/UFC fighter, Business owner, Airforce, and if someone offered i'd be a poultry breeder
. MMA/UFC fighter i will be most likely, Same as business owner, Poultry breeder i kind of doubt it
.. Airforce if i just happened to break up with my girlfriend. Im not allowed at the moment
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