What kind of plywood should be used, and paint?


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Feb 9, 2012

What kind of plywood should I use? OSB is soooo much cheap which is nice on my not so big wallet, but will it hold up in the weather? Can I use some kind of paint/treatment that will help that is okay for use with animals?
I agree with your thoughts on OSB, it acts like a sponge. You will get a few years out of it, but only a few. Walk into your local building store and ask them for "Sheathing". It's much tougher.

If you are afraid of paint, use stain such as Thompson's weather seal. The nice thing about stain is you can spray it on instead of painting for hours.

Good luck!
I'm going to use Masonite siding. Also paint it to add more moisture protection.
It's used on sheds and houses, its pretty strong stuff. Not sure of the cost
per sheet. Check Lowes or HD.

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