What the heck is in my egg??

Okay, you have stumped me. I've never seen anything like that.

It looks kind of like a yolk from what I can see in the picture. Is it soft? If you break it, what comes out?
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My first thought was an ovary.
I hope I am wrong. Did you break it open to see what it looks like inside?
Did the second egg have a shell? And for the record I am do not have the egg, they are from my chicken but it was a friend who found it.

She said it was soft, no shell around it.
The shell-less eggs I've seen were all white, not pink, even when the hen producing them was a brown-egg layer.

What was the inside of it like?
I don't think we will ever know unless it was opened. Ovaries are clusters of ova, normally yellow in color. I don't think it would be that. I am curious if she is still laying though.
It's just so reddish, like what I guess paint makers call dusky rose or some such, like there's blood vessels in it. It could be a tumor perhaps which had a small attachment and broke free into the body only to be incorporated into an egg. I don't know. If it's soft and so pink, I would be leaning towards 'tumor' --- or, as you said Ray n Debi, maybe an ovary. Not that it seems typical for that but nobody's confirmed anything yet. Strange, anyway.

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