What to do with alot of CABBAGE ?


10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Woodville, Al
My garden is going great. Yesterday I picked my first veggies of the year. Squash galore. I plan on doing some bread&butter pickled squash with that. Now today I picked my first cabbage. Its now in the pot on the stove. I'm having ham & boiled cabbage for supper tonight. Problem is all the other cabbage is now ready to be picked. Question is .... What to do with 10 heads of it at the same time????
saurkraut is good, you can make different flavors... and then can it when you are done. Then invite LOTS of people over for BBQ's to get rid of it. Even do a few asian cole slaws....

Oh I like it in stir fry and Its also to stuff the leaves and deep fry.

There is lots to do with cabbage.... more then just boil it with corn beef!!!
Thats real funny to me, because of all things I HATE SAURKRAUT !!!! Thats probably the ONLY thing I don't eat.

Any other suggestions on how to preserve some of this cabbage ???
My vote would be for sauerkraut. It's easy to make and wonderful. You can dehydrate it to use in soups if you like and you can always make cabbage rolls and freeze them.....lots and lots of cabbage rolls....
Cole slaw!! We can eat lots of cole slaw. BTW, cabbage usually keeps well so you don't have to process it all at once.
I've got to start picking my cabbage. It's ready too.... but I'm no fan of saurkraut.

Guess I'll use it in salads or make cabbage soup.
cole slaw, sauerkraut, corned beef and cabbage (or kielbasa for this time of year), lettuce wraps (but with cabbage...my favorite!!!), vegetable cabbage soup, salads with cabbage instead of lettuce, grilled cabbage wedges.....also check out allrecipes.com for some great (FREE) recipes too.

I am so jealous you can grow cabbage this time of year! Cabbage is a fall/early winter crop here.
Oh,grilled cabbage wedges, that sounds good ! How would you do that? Would you baste them with something?

Also can you freeze raw cabbage for future uses?

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