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Mar 11, 2008
I had 3 chicks hatch successfully on the early morning of day 20. I heard the other 5 peeping in their eggs and saw them moving when candling. And nothing at all today, so I decided to candle them and there is no movement or sound. How could I have come this close to end up losing the other 5? Didn't know it was this possible to get attached to eggs.

Thank you
Did you pip the egg and see if they are still alive? I always open the ones that don't hatch to see what went wrong. Some times they just don't hatch for one reason or another. Were they shipped eggs or from your own birds?
They were shipped eggs. So I can pip them and if they are alive this won't hurt them? How do I do this without cracking the entire egg? Even though I don't think they made it.
If you can, candle them on the air sack end...see if they made it through to the air sack. If there is still no movement, pick a small hole in the air cell end...Maybe they are just resting. Good luck..I hope they are resting, and will still be alive.
Do I go through the air sack? Sorry I am new to this...my first time.
Yes, thru the aircell end. We use an eyeglass screwdriver and tap it into the shell right on the aircell end, then carefully open by chipping away small pieces at a time. There is a stickied thread at the top about intervention.
I just did what was suggested and none of the five were alive. Only one had it's beak through the airsack. 2 had large bubble like sacs attached to them which I am assuming is the yolk that they were absorbing. One was swimming in the yolk. Does any of this mean anything? I feel so horrible...I heard someone peeping just last night and they were all moving. I feel like it is my fault....what could I have done differently? I feel so discourged from doing this again...3 out of 13 eggs.
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