Jul 30, 2018
North Carolina
I've noticed over the last few months that my hens comb has changed color. It used to be bright red and now to me it looks pale and looks like it has shrunk. Here is a picture from 2018 vs 2019. What do you think has caused this? She is 2 years old. She also is missing butt feathers that are not regrowing and is shedding feathers in the coop. Could this be a molt and if so why so long and why at 2 years old? Last fall (2018) she started shedding feathers and from there her butt feathers never regrew. Could it be she never fully molted? I have checked her stool for worms and haven't seen any. I have checked her feathers and have not seen any mites. She also has not laid in quite a few months.
April 2018:

Present 2019
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IF you can find a vet willing to treat a chicken it is costly.

With her not laying for such a long time I am concerned she has a reproductive disorder.

How does she stand?
Like a penguin?

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